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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year!!

Welcome to 2017, the New Year is starting out a lot differently than I would have imagined just three months ago. A former reality TV star and alleged billionaire will become the next President of the United States of America. Protests, proclamations of leaving the country and even efforts to thwart the electoral college from officially electing Donald Trump have made headlines in the days and weeks since the election that felt more like a punch in the gut to more than half the country.  

Trump will forever be known as the only candidate in American history to survive the most scandals, most which would have derailed any other candidate's political aspirations. When he entered the race it was all giggles, no one took it seriously, but nearly two years later, no one is laughing now, except for the President-Elect, he's laughing all the way to the White House.

"So what happened?", is pretty much the question a lot of people are wanting to know. The answer is simple. The Republicans choose to win the election no matter if that win would do harm to the country. Instead of letting the Trump-Pence campaign loose, the majority of the party who admittedly do not condone Trumps controversial comments and attitudes towards the opposite gender voted for him anyway because he backed the policies that they want to see implemented.

Now Trump's praise for Russia's president, even after the intelligence community has implicated the country in hacking the DNC and meddling in the election is about to become a speed bump in the road to the White House. It appears as if Congress may decide to investigate Russia's involvement.

No one can predict what will happen with this administration; however I am hopeful that our elected representative can find common ground and do the work the people need them to do,

Sunday, July 13, 2014

America finally on the FIFA bandwagon, What took you so long?

Last week you would have thought that the greatest entertainer in the world Michal Jackson had risen from the grave and was performing on TV. Well that didn't happen but something drew seemingly regular Americans who had previously shown no interest in football a.k.a. soccer in the U.S., to tune in to a soccer match in Brazil. The game that had a nation racing to Google was the match between the U.S. and Belgium. 

Traditionally, soccer has been the international sport America has turned its nose up at. With nearly 14 million people playing the sport in the United States, its hardly considered a mainstream sport. In fact, bass fishing and golf oriented television networks gets more distribution as a mainstream channel than a U.S. soccer channel. In 2013 Fox's all soccer cable network was shutdown; however its spinoff channel which carries international soccer and rugby matches as well as news still operates albeit in limited distribution in the United States. Fox Soccer Plus is available on satellite and a handful of cable systems.

The majority of Americans mostly ignored soccer until there was a glimmer of hope that the U.S. team could reach the finals. However I would attribute much of the change in attitude mostly on U.S. soccer sponsor's commercials hyping the event. McDonald's, Hyundai, Marriott, Budweiser, Degree and Nike just to name a few have blitz the American TV networks with advertisements centered on the U.S. team or the World Cup in Brazil. The advertisers have done what soccer enthusiasts have been unable to do for decades. Will soccer hold America's attention?

I was a fan of both soccer and ice hockey back when it was common place to see blood on the ice. So my question to my fellow Americans; where have y'all been? The rise of soccer in the U.S. may not be such a fluke. Just a few months ago Falcons owner Arthur Blank announced plans to start a MLS expansion team in Atlanta. They will play in the infamous and controversial yet to be built stadium that will eventually replace the Georgia Dome. A lot of sweat, tears and blood may be shed before we see a team play there at rate things are going. But that issue is a topic for a future post.

My hope is to be in line to purchase season tickets to Atlanta's inaugural soccer season. I pray that soccer in Atlanta doesn't turn into a major disappointment they way hockey did, not once but twice. B.T.W. I still have and wear my Thrashers gear. I still have the souvenirs from opening night and mementos from helping Philips Arena and the Thrashers open from my days working at Turner Broadcasting. Fun times!
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